XY Stages

XY Stages

We design and develop XY precision stage systems around your requirements.

Designed for Very High Precison Movement


X travel = 50 mm with Piezo Motor Drive Technology
Y travel = 50 mm with Piezo Motor Drive Technology

PiezoBot - Dual Axis Stage

The dual axis stage is best suited for optical scanning systems where very precise movement and high repeatability are required.

Can be made ready for vacuum and cleanroom environments.

Special or Custom Design

Very little heat generation by Piezo motor, since in stopped position motor power is off.  This direct drive advantage provides better control of the load and a more responsive system.

Crossed Roller Bearings for Smooth Motion

This assembly is made from precision components: crossed roller bearings, piezo motor, linear encoder with glass scale , along with a few other custom machined parts.

For new designs customer specifications and requirements often provide a good starting point.  Ultimately it's the first prototype builds that flush out additional requirements.

Typical Product Use

A few areas where you can find these products in use are listed below:

  • Life Science Equipment
  • Image Scanning Systems
  • Scanning Mechanisms
  • Laser Systems

Custom Design Capabilities

We reserved a portion of our production area exculsively for building prototypes. The lead engineer takes "hands-on" responsiblity for the first prototpye.