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Ring Gear Positioning Feedback Assembly

Turret Positioning System

With our partner Reliance Precision out of the UK, we design, develop, and manufacture "custom" products.   On this page is an example of a mechanism that incorporates a high precision anti-backlash gearing to position and provide closed loop feedback of the position.

High Precision Closed Loop Control

If you need to move say a turret or a turntable head in a precise fashion, you can send and electronic command to the motor driver and hope that it moves to the desired position.   Basically an open loop control system.   However, if you need to verify that in fact you are at that position then you need a close loop feedback control system.

Plug and Play Ready

Can be supplied as complete subassembly with motor, encoder, wiring harness, and electrical connector.

Requirements and Specifications

  • Extremely light weight yet durable.
  • Fault tolerance via multiple measurement points.
  • Designed for extreme "G" forces and harsh usage.
  • Capable of extreme temperature operation.
  • Operate free of any lubricant.

Typical Product Use

  • Navigational Devices
  • Aerial Scanning Systems
  • Robot Positioning Systems
  • Missle Guidance Systems