We design, develop, and manufacture custom curved linear rail guide systems for medical, industrial, and mobile vehicle applications.   Below is an example of a system that we designed for a food packaging machine.  It provides a means to transport pouches in a controlled manner along an oval track to various fill and seal stations.

Oval Curved Rail Track System

Roller Track Systems

Food Pouch Transport System Example:
Track radius 225mm (8.8 inches) with 1200mm (47.2 inches) long straight sections.  Up to 40 moving blocks can be utilized to move product along the rail.

Blocks (or carriages) are driven via belt, cable, or chain

Payload is about 3-5 lbs (13-22 N) per block.
  • Track Radius = 225 mm (8.8 inches)
  • Payload attaches to top of block
  • Rail and Blocks are made of Aluminum and Black Anodized Finished


This design started with a requirement to move pouches in a particular motion profile within a food packaging machine.   An economical off-the-shelf solution was not available.

Modular Track Sections

The ability to easily shorten or lengthen the track allows this product to be used across multiple machines.   Blocks can be added or removed as also required per machine configuration.   All our curved linear rail systems are designed to your specific motion profile requirement.   We will need several bits of data such as the motion profile, moving payload weight, and speed prior to estimating the cost of the system.

Quiet Movement

Cam Rollers allow Blocks to move freely with very little frictional drag.  Rail mounts to via socket head cap screws to machine structure.  Polymer Cam Roller Wheels allow for quiet movement.

Custom Design Capabilities

Prototypes:  We reserved a portion of our production area exculsively for building prototypes. The lead engineer takes "hands-on" responsiblity for the first prototpye.

Options:  Various length track sections can be made available. Special hole pattern can be accommodated on blocks.

New Project Requirements

Since our systems are made to order we require the following to start a design or make a quotation:

  1. Motion Profile Sketch
  2. Required Number of Blocks
  3. Approx. Payload for each Block
  4. Estimated Block Speed
  5. Description of drive system
  6. Operating Environment Details

Typical Product Use

A few areas where you can find these products in use are listed below:

  • Packaging Machines
  • Medical Systems
  • Conveyor Systems
  • Lab Automation
  • Light Duty Transport Systems