Precision XY Table

Precision XY Table

Precision XY Table is designed and manufactured for accuracy.  Drive types include motorized ball screw, linear motor, and piezo motor drives.   Each system is laser mapped to ensure we meet your precision requirements.  Laser mapped precision reports our provided upon request with each product.  Products made in USA.

Below are links to various examples of our custom work along with our standard component product offerings.

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1st Example:  Custom OEM Single Axis System

Built with a crossed roller bearing set and high lead (8 mm pitch) ball screw drive assembly.   Developed for a Medical Equipment Application.  Capable of moving 2200 N (500 lbf) payload mounted in vertical orientation with total travel of 100 mm  (3.9").   Unit is shipped with servo motor, linear position feedback scale, brake (off the back side), and limit sensors.

Physical Dimensions

  • Height (bottom to top) = 58.25 mm  (2.3")
  • Width (across the front) = 101.25 mm  (4.0")
  • Length (front to back) = 210.00 mm  (8.3")

Performance Specifications

  • Straightness:  less than 1.0 micron (0.001mm)
  • Repeatibility:  within 0.5 micron (0.0005mm)

2nd Example:  Custom Long Travel XY Stage

Developed for an industrial precision positioning application.  Assembly utilizes size 9 miniature recirculating type linear guides mounted on large 6061 aluminum base plates.   Each axis driven via special motorized ball screw units.  Capable of moving 1000 N  (225 lbf) payload mounted in horizontal orientation.   X-axis travel 350 mm  (13.8") and Y-axis travel 200 mm  (7.9")

Physical Dimensions

  • Height (bottom to top) = 50 mm  (1.97")
  • Width (across the front) = 450 mm  (17.7")
  • Length (front to back) = 325 mm  (12.8")

Performance Specifications

  • Straightness:  less than 5.0 micron (0.005mm)
  • Repeatibility within 2.5 microns  (0.0025mm)

3rd Example:  Custom OEM XYZ Motorized Stage

All hardware (i.e., crossed roller bearing sets, piezo motors, encoders, etc.) are seamlessly integrated into the unit, allowing us to achieve a very compact size.   Each axis is driven by a piezo motor unit.  Very tight tolerance throughout range of travel on Straightness and Flatness.   Developed for a Life Science Application where the positioning accuracy needed to be equal to or better than the following specifications.

Capable of moving 100 gram payload within the travel range of:  X-axis travel 25 mm  (1.0"), Y-axis travel 25 mm  (1.0"), and Z-axis travel 10 mm  (0.4")

Physical Dimensions

  • Height (bottom to top) = 100 mm  (4.0")
  • Width (across the front) = 100 mm  (4.0")
  • Depth (front to back) = 100 mm  (4.0")

Performance Specifications

  • XY Straightness:  less than 2.0 microns (0.002mm)
  • Z Straightness:  less than 4.0 microns (0.004mm)
  • Repeatibility within 0.5 microns (0.0005mm)

Video: XYZ Piezo Stage under going Validation Testing

How do we ensure each system meets your requirements?

By clearly understanding your requirements.  To do this we ask a lot of questions such as:

  1. What are the specifications for success?  How will you validate the product once it's built?  Are there any regulations or standards that we need to consider?

  2. Is there any current or preliminary design art available?  Drawings, CAD models, or sketches are acceptable for starting the communication.

Accuracy versus Precision

Our laser measurement system is frequently in use checking and verifying precision product capabilities.

Report data is made available for customer review.

Accuracy versus Precision

Custom Built Systems

To start a new design we require a dialog with your lead engineer so we can clearly establish the specificiations and acceptance criteria.

Our engineers use 3D CAD modelling software to make virtual models for you to review and evaluate within your overall system prior to machining any metal.

Typical Product Usage

A few areas where you can find these products in use are listed below:

  • Life Science Equipment
  • Super Resolution Microscopy
  • SR Opitical Microscopy
  • Scanning Probe Microscopy
  • Auto Focus Systems

Custom Capabilities

Clean Room Assembly:  We build products in our "clean bench" assembly area under a laminar flow environment to ensure they are free of debris particles.

Vacuum Ready:  Assemblies can be vacuum prepared where no organic solvents remain on surfaces or any outgassing materials are used.

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