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Precision Pinion Ring Drives (PRD)

Are spur gear drives always the best solution?  Sometime not!  Below is an example of a turntable system that uses "PIN" type drive technology.  PRD allows the application of maximum acceleration or deceleration at any point without the risk of damage as many cam based indexing systems can.

Pinion Drive

Turntable Type System

Precision Ring Drive (PDR)

Integrated with Precision Grade Bearing and Gearhead. Designed to be ultra-efficient and very quiet at moderate speeds

Roller Pinion Systems

The Roller Pinion System (RPS)is based on an innovative pinion consisting of bearing-supported rollers and a unique tooth profile.

This unique drive system provides very high positional accuracy, near-zero backlash, virtually no cumulative error, low-velocity ripple, unlimited length, very high speeds, high rigidity, low noise, low (in some cases no) maintenance, corrosion resistance, long life, and 99% efficiency.

This opens up new machine design possibilities and provides the capability to achieve much higher levels of performance.

High Positional Accuracy

Positional accuracy up to 30 microns and repeatability of 5 microns at its meshing line or circle.

Near-zero backlash of less than 3.2 microns is achieved by multiple rollers engaging the rack or gear teeth in opposition at all times.

Typical Product Use

A few areas where you can find these products in use are listed below:

  • Mechanical Testing Equipment
  • Welding Systems
  • Robotics
  • Production Workcells
  • ...

Speed Capability

Capable of speeds as high as 11 m/sec. Extemely low friction design does not create heat or significant wear on components.

We use needle bearings to support the rollers that engage the teeth. This eliminates the sliding friction found in many other motion control systems and gives it an efficiency greater than 99%.

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The Precision Alliance | More than components... Solutions!The Precision Alliance | More than components... Solutions!