Ultra Low Profile Telescopic Slides

Low Profile Linear Slides

Low Profile Linear Slides are designed, developed, and manufactured for confined space applications.   Below is an example of a system made using our SR28 series telescopic linear guide components to allow easy access to a power supply unit in a confined space with no access above or below the unit.

Bottom Mount Telescopic Slide Platform Details

  1. Retracted Length 610mm (24")
  2. Pull-out Length 628mm (25")
  3. Overall Width 352mm (13.85")"
  4. Overall Height, bottom to top 17mm (0.67")

This design started with a requirement to provide easy access to a power supply unit in a semi-conductor processing facility.   Space was limited and the power supply was too heavy to move without some type of assistance.

Standard SR Series Semi-Telescopic Slides

Standard catalog SR28 series semi-telescopic slides were used to make this bottom mount slide platform.  By utilizing the large stainless steel plate and installing the slides on both sides it can perform as a fully telescopic slide.

Overall height (less than 3/4") and a requirement for a bottom mount solution was important to this customer. Payload was 500 lbs and it needed to be moved out about 24 inches from the production line for periodic servicing.

  • Very Low Height
  • High Load Requirement
  • Fully Telescopic System
  • Prepared for cleanroom environment

Typical Product Usage

  • Confined Space Drawer Systems
  • Low Height Drawer Systems