Bottom Mount Slide System

Low Profile Platform and Long Reach allows for easy movement of 250 lb payload

  • Retracted Length 788mm (31")
  • Pull-out Length 838mm (33")
  • Overall Width 305mm (12")
  • Overall Height, bottom to top 63.5mm (2.5")

Design Initiation

This design started with a requirement to move a heavy cabinet of bulk provisions in and out of a potentially contaminated environment.

Linear Rail Slide

Linear Rail Slide is designed for a bottom mount telescopic slides for heavy duty cabinet applications.   Below is an example of a system made using our TLQ43 series telescopic linear guides to allow easy movement of a medical supply cabinet in and out of a potentially biological contaminated environment.

Linear Rail Slide

Standard TLQ Linear Rail Slide

We used standard catalog TLQ43 series telescopic slides to make a bottom mount slide platform.

In some instances there is no means to attach telescopic slides to each side of a structure such as that typically found with a conventional drawer slide system.   For these situations it is necessary to use a bottom or top mounted slide system.   The example bottom mount system shown here required some customization based on specific customer requirements.

  • Very Low Pull Force (validated at less than 5 lbs)
  • Mounted to a non machined surface (in this case a press board surface)
  • System needed to be quiet and smooth running for hospital environment
  • System needed to feel stiff with little side to side motion

Typical Product Usage

  • Factory Automation
  • Material Transfer Systems
  • Conveyor Systems
  • Robot Unloading Arm
  • Pull-outs on Mobile Vehicles
  • Hospital Isolation Areas
  • Pass-Through Chambers
  • Workstation Loading Systems
  • AS/RS Storage Retrieval Systems

Drawer Slide Systems

Our standard slide systems are made of heavy duty cold drawn steel profiled rails mated with cold formed intermediate elements to give the product superior strength over conventional stamped metal drawer slides.

Each rail goes through a special heat treating process to improve wear and provide a corrosion resistant surface for long life.