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We make Instrument Robots for medical and scientific instruments.

We help Original Equipment Manufacturer's (OEMs) rise above the competition with the best technology and the lowest cost.

We focus on the robot so you can focus on your business.

Our robots are fully featured XYZ motion systems for moving microplates, glass slides or other payloads around inside your instrument.   Each robot is hightly integrated and optimized for size, enabling the most compact instrument possible.   We have standard designs or we can work to your design specifications to meet your performance requirements.

The World's Smallest Plate Handler

Pictured Above:

  3 axis stepper motor drive XYZ assembly

Robot Features and Footprint (Size)

Power and Sensor data all within Flat Flex Cable (FFC) to make unit more compact and simplify wiring and cable management.

End of travel sensors embedded in Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) in close range to magnets embedded in machined structure to eliminate alignment issues and increase reliability.

Physical Size

Length: 220 mm  (8.7")

Width: 180 mm  (7.1")

Height: 80 mm  (3.1")

Travel or Stroke

X-axis: 160 mm  (6.3")

Y-axis: 125 mm  (4.9")

Z-axis: 10 mm  (0.40")

"Custom" Printed Circuit Boards

Our PCBs are designed and built to simplify cable management. Miniature XYZ motion systems typically have low power requirements. This makes them ideal to run power and sensor data in the same electronic cable.

We can make custom systems that can dispense liquids with high accuracy and precision over a wide volume range from various single-well to full-plate configurations.