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High Temperature Linear Guides

High Temperature Linear Guides

High Temperature Linear Guides are required for harsh enviromaents. Special materials complemented with special surface treatments are often needed for demanding high temperature environments.   The more we know about your application the better we can choose the materials and processes best suited for the intended environment.   Key factors will be payload, motion move profile, duty cycle, and time at temperature.   A long time (i.e., greater than 2 hours) at temperature above 400 degrees F will begin to temper back standard hardened bearing steel.   Allow us to help you make the right material choice!

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1st Example:  Custom High Temperature Motorized Stage

This Nema34 motor driven linear stage operates in close range to hot jet engine exhaust gases.   Special materials such as 17-4 stainless structure along with Raydent or Black Chrome surface treated size 25 linear guides were required.

Capable of moving a 100 gram payload within the travel range of:  457 mm  (18.0")

Physical Dimensions

  • Height (bottom to top of carriage) = 112 mm ((4.40 inches)
  • Width (across the end of unit) = 197 mm (7.75 inches)
  • Length (across the front of unit) = 800 mm (31.50 inches)
  • Carriage Plate (length x width) = 305 x 197 mm (12 x 7.75 inches)

Performance Specifications

  • Exposure to hot jet engine exhaust gas
  • Straightness:  less than 15.0 microns (0.015mm)

2nd Example:  Custom High Temperature Precision Slide

In this case we had to address not only a very high temperature but short travel movement that needed to be very smooth.   Any jitter or stiction or vibration could not be tolerated.  This quickly ruled out using any type of recirculating type guide system.  A custom cross roller bearing slide was the best solution.

This precision linear slide is used in a curing oven application.   Special materials such as 17-4 stainless structure along with M50 steel crossed roller bearing set with ceramic roller were tested.

Capable of moving a payload within the travel range of:  80 mm  (3.2")

Physical Dimensions

  • Height (bottom to top) = 40 mm  (1.6")
  • Width (front to back) = 200 mm  (7.9")
  • Length (accoss the front) approx. 400 mm  (15.7")

Performance Specifications

  • Oven Temperature 700 deg F
  • Very Smooth almost Frictionless Movement

Our success comes from knowing what combination of materials and processes will meet your requirements

...and also knowning where to source them.

High Temperature Rail and Block Component Video

What is your high temperature challenge?

Our designer's experience, intuition and ingenuity are inputs into the design process.  To get this going for you we need a good description of the problem or goal to be achieved.  Additionally we need to know:

  1. What are the specifications for success?  How will you validate the product once it's built?  Are there any regulations or standards that we need to consider?

  2. Is there any current or preliminary design art available?  Drawings, CAD models, or sketches are acceptable for starting the communication.

Raydent Treated Blocks & RailPhoto of Linear Blocks on Rail w/ Raydent Treatment

Special Surface Treatment

Metal tends to oxidize quickly when continuously exposed to elevated or high temperatures. We can prevent this by running these products through a secondary process that creates a highly rust-resistant surface layer. The process called a Low Temperature Black Chrome treatment is a new generation surface property modification technology.

Originally developed and known as "Raydent" treatment in Japan.  Done by an electrochemical reation at a temperature below 0 deg C.  An alloy-like diffusion layer (about 1 micron) in the bulk of the metallic material is created.  The Raydent coating and the base metal are completely integrated, so the coating is semi-permanent and will not separate (exfoliate)

Raydent Treated BlockPhoto of Guide Block w/ Raydent Treatment

Block & Rail Special Treatment

Finished machined and heat treated bearing steel metal blocks are treated via the special process prior to moving into final assembly.

Rails are also routed through the same process since they too are typically open and exposed to the high temperature environment.

Aluminum Block End CapPhoto of Aluminum Block End Cap

Billet Machined Aluminum End Cap

The standard polymer end caps are replaced with billet machined aluminum end caps.  It's important to remove all polymer and rubber pieces since these are the limiting factor in most block assemblies.

Caps have intricate internal routing paths to allow the balls to smoothly transistion back into the block for recirculation.

Multi-axis Systems

Our engineers use 3D CAD modelling software to make virtual models for you to review and evaluate within your overall system prior to machining any metal.

Typical Product Usage

A few areas where you can find these products in use are listed below:

  • Furnace or Oven Environments
  • Curing and Baking Systems
  • Steel Making Systems
  • Food Process or Cooking Systems

Custom Capabilities

Clean Room Ready:  We build products in our "clean bench" assembly area under a laminiar flow environment to ensure they are free of debris particles.

Vacuum Ready:  No organic solvents or outgasing materials used for vacuum envirionment requirements.

Email or call us to discuss your application!