Heavy Duty Telescopic Drawer Slides

  • Compact Size (narrow width requirement)
  • Wear resistance (heat treated and post processed steel materials)

Compact High Capacity Telescopic Slides

With cross sections up to 28.4mm (1.12 inches) by 116mm (4.57 inches) our compact drawer slides can carry heavy payloads.   Applications of these drawer slides are can be found in industrial production and mobile vehicle settings where features listed below are important.

Heavy Duty Drawer Slide System Details

  1. Left rail to left side of structure. (TLRSxx)
  2. Right rail to right side of structure. (TLRDxx)
  3. Printed part number faces up.
  4. Upper rail always fixed to structure.
  5. Lower rail always fixed to drawer.

Extension (travel range) up to 1980 mm (78 inches) with standard catalog product.  Load capacity up to 4122 N ( 927 lbs) per telescopic rail.

Heavy Duty Drawer Slide Systems

Heavy duty cold drawn steel rails mated with cold formed intermediate elements give this product superior strength over conventional drawer slides.   This allows us to achieve high load carrying capacity in a very compact size.

Bi-directional systems are also available with our TLS Series product.   These are very useful in production line environments where work cell part bins are refilled between worker shifts.

Typical Product Usage

  • Production line part feed bins
  • Industrial tool storage system
  • Xtreme storage systems
  • Clean room pass through windows
  • Mobile Vehicle Storage Systems