Military Telescopic Drawer Slide

Moisture, Chemical, and Blast Resistant

Designed to perform in harsh battlefield environments.   This design started with a special military requirement.   With manufacturing here in Carolinas we can easily accommondate special requirements.

Mobile Vehicle Installation Ready

Product shipped complete and ready for mounting on mobile off-road vehcile.

Heavy Duty Drawer Slides

Heavy Duty Drawer Slides are designed, developed, and manufactured for military mobile vehicle applications.   Below is an example of a system made of weather resistant materials and able to handle high "G-Force" shock loads.

  • Retracted Lengths Ranging from 610-1220mm (24-48")
  • Extended Length Ranging from 1220-2440mm (48-96")

High Shock Loads

Standard catalog product is not an option.  For these we Design, Prototype, and Manufacture custom products.

Continuous Vibration or high shock load on bearings is a never a good situation.  We have the formula to remedy this and we're willing to share it with you.

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