Aerospace Gears

Aerospace Gears

Our partner Reliance Precision UK established a milestone last year by having an important gear product make a 310 million mile-journey.   This gear was critical to the deployment of the solar panels that powered the Rosetta satellite.   The gear had a lot riding on it's shoulders.   Failure was not an option. Millions of dollars were at stake.

Deep Space Proven Product

Must endure extreme temperature variations yet maintain geometry and strength to rotate large solar arrays that powers the Rosetta satellite.   Enabling technology for special light weight aerospace applications.

Difficult Assignment

Gear products of this type are difficult to produce without very specialized machinery and highly skilled people.

Requirements and Specifications

  • Gear must be as light as possible.
    Each additional gram adds X millions of dollars to the program.
  • The gear must not fail in the application. Product cannot be serviced.
    Product will never return to Earth.
  • Product expose to extreme temperature variation.
  • Lubricant cannot be used in application.

Typical Product Use

  • Satellites
  • Missles & Rockets
  • Defense & Commerical Aircraft
  • Unmanned Aircraft, Drones

Extremely Light Weight

Very thin webbing, concentric pilot bore with six bolt holes to secure the gear to the solar array shaft.   This particular gear is made of stainless steel.   It is accurate to 0.01mm or ten microns.   Weight is 700 grams (1.5 lbs)