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Our customers have special needs beyond off-the-shelf catalog linear guides.  Here is an example of a system that allows a payload to be moved around track that consists of straight and 90 degree turn sections.   All the catalog offerings were for straight sections so we designed and made all the corners for this application.

Custom Machined FXR Rail & Block Assembly

90 Degree Turn System

Track turn radius 200mm (7.9 inches) mates with catalog standard FXR43 series straight rail sections.

Blocks (or carriages) are driven via belt, cable, or chain

Payload is about 10 lbs per block.
  • Track Radius = 200 mm (7.9 inches)
  • Payload attaches to center of block
  • Rail and Blocks are made of Carbon Steel for strength

Using FXR43 Series Products

The special profile (i.e., rail end view) of the FXR rail lends itself to creating many unique assembly possibilities.   Matching cam rollers bearings ride along the flats of the rail allowing higher load capability than other bearing products.

Multiple cam roller bearings can be arranged to secure and guide a payload along the rail.

Special Tricks

Arranging the bearings to move smoothly along a straight section is relatively simple but when the track starts to turn you, need to know what to do to avoid binding or worse yet having the moving assembly fail to stay connected to the rail.

Custom Design Capabilities

Prototypes:  We reserved a portion of our production area exculsively for building prototypes. The lead engineer takes "hands-on" responsiblity for the first prototpye.

Additional Offerings:  Design and Made-to-order 90 degree and 180 degree custom turns with matching block or carriages.

New Project Requirements

Since our systems are made to order we require the following to start a design or make a quotation:

  1. Motion Profile Sketch
  2. Required Number of Blocks
  3. Approx. Payload for each Block
  4. Estimated Block Speed
  5. Description of drive system
  6. Operating Environment Details

Typical Product Use

A few areas where you can find these products in use are listed below:

  • Factory Automation
  • Material Transfer Systems
  • Conveyor Systems
  • Robot Loading Systems
  • Machine Door Systems