Linear Motion Systems for OEM Applications

We design and build precision guide systems for a large variety of specialty applications

For OEM applications we collaborate on Design and build Prototypes in-house.

Challenging Projects with annual production volume ranging from 100 to 2500 pieces is our speciality.

Information on this website demonstates some of our custom capabilities.

We are also a Manufacturer & Distributor of Linear Motion Component Products.

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What is Challenging You?

Many of our customers have special needs that can't be satisfied with off-the-shelf products.   These needs typically fall within one of the following categories:  High Accuracy, Space Constrained, High Temperature, Micro Positioning, Washdown Ready, or Military Spec.

We Solve These Problems by:

Listening to your requirements, Examining your Specifications, and Using our Experience base from lessens learn over time to arrive at a creative solution.   One that is economical, easily manufactured, and fulfills all your customers needs and can uniquely set you apart from your competition.

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Below are a few examples of our work.

High Accuracy

With our in house laser interferometer we can certify the accuracy of our assemblies before they ship to you.

Can your supplier do this?

  • Namo Scale Measurement
  • Provide Accuracy Plots
  • Serialized Each Unit

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Spaced Constrained

Evolving technology requires more functionality to be packed into smaller places.  Our engineers are able to create very effective solutions when up against these constraints.

  • Imaging Systems
  • Lab Automation Systems
  • Diagnostic Systems

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High Temperature

Applications in high heat environments usually require special materials and surface treatments.  We have products operating in ovens at 700 degrees Centigrade.

  • Epoxy Curing Ovens
  • Ceramic Processing Ovens
  • Steel Making Systems

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Curved Rail

For transporting light payloads we have developed our own standard curved rail products.   For motion profiles that don't fit within our standard product offering we can make CUSTOM solutions, especially for OEM applications.

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Micro Positioning

Having trouble finding or holding the right position?  Do you need better accuracy or repeatability?

Try our custom:

  • Aperature Stages
  • Robotic Transport Systems
  • Precision Positioning Stages

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Lab Automation

Are you satisfied with your current production throughput or processing capability?

We have solutions available for:

  • OEM Plate Handler
  • OEM Pipetting Robot
  • Liquid Handler Machine

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Do you need to be Food Grade Compliant?  Do you find your systems failing due to corrosion?   We have already addressed these issues with many of our customers.

  • Food Packing Plants
  • Pharma Processing

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Some projects require special handling, extensive documentation and strict control.   We have a quality system in place to address all these requirements.

  • Product Traceability
  • ITAR Registration

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In Summary We Design, Manufacture, and Distribute