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Ultra Low Profile Telescopic Slides

We design, develop, and manufacture custom ultra low profile telescopic slides for confined space applications. Below is an example of a system made using our SR28 series telescopic linear guide components to allow easy access to a power supply unit in a confined space with no access above or below the unit.

Ultra Low Profile

Less than 3/4" overall Height"

Ultra Low Profile Telescopic Platform with 300 lb Load Capacity

Retracted Length 610mm (24")
Pull-out Length 628mm (25")
Overall Width 352mm (13.85")"
Overall Height, bottom to top 17mm (0.67")

This design started with a requirement to provide easy access to a power supply unit in a semi-conductor processing facility.
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Using SR28 Series Telescopic Slides for a Bottom Mount Solution

This is case where the customer very little HEIGHT (less than 3/4") and required a bottom mounting solution to move a 500 lb load out 24 inches from the production line for periodic servicing.

The example bottom mount system shown here required some customization based on specific customer requirements.

  • Very Low Pull Force (validated at less than 5 lbs)
  • Mounted to a non machined surface (in this case a press board surface)
  • System needed to be quiet and smooth running for hospital environment
  • System needed to feel stiff with little side to side motion

Drawer Slide Systems

This particular system utilized hardened steel rails combined with an anodized aluminum intermediate element.

Each steel rail had undergone the T-race NOX surface treatment to improve wear and provide resistance to corrosion. resistant surface for long life.

Typical Product Use

A few areas where you can find these products in use are listed below:

  • Factory Automation
  • Material Transfer Systems
  • Conveyor Systems
  • Robot Unloading Arm
  • Pull-outs on Mobile Vehicles
  • Hospital Isolation Areas
  • Pass-Through Chambers
  • Workstation Loading Systems
  • AS/RS Storage Retrieval Systems

Custom Design Capabilities

Prototypes: We reserve a portion of our shop for custom designing and machining to quickly create working models for you to evaluate.

Accessories: Stop and lock-out designs or recommendations are available upon request.

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The Precision Alliance | More than components... Solutions!The Precision Alliance | More than components... Solutions!