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Industrial Slew Turntable Bearing Products with Bolt Holes

Need to make a hollow indexing table for a production line?  Maybe for passing thru electronic cabling or something else that needs to remain stationary while the table around it rotates.  Below is an example of a product that can do this.  It is easy to mount and does not require precision piloting or diameter machining to mount the product.

Industrial Slew Bearing

With Mounting Holes

Heavy Duty Slew Bearing

Inner and Outer ring holes for easy mounting.  No need to precision machine large ring holes for mounting inner or outer ring.

Full Complement of balls provides high load capacity.

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To design an indexing system we will need several bits of data such as the payload weight, speed (min and max rpm), duty cycle, along with accuracy and repeatability requirement prior to estimating the cost of the system.

We use SolidWorks as our primary design tool and can typically import any sketch or 3D model that you wish to share.

Industrial Turntable Bearing

These bearings have special features that make them easy and quick to install into your application.


Bearing quality hardened steel for all standard catalog products. Stainless steel is available for lot orders of 20 pieces or more.

Typical Product Use

A few areas where you can find these products in use are listed below:

  • Precision Indexing Tables
  • Laboratory Medical Devices
  • Scanning Systems
  • Robot Turrets
  • Surveillance Systems
  • Automation Line Workstations

Product Support

Questions: Our engineering team is always looking for a challenge.

Services: Virtual (computer aided) modelling for OEM prototype applications.

Documentation: Online product manuals and technical papers.

Standard Catalog Products

List of Standard Products - Coming Soon

Part No.




Static Moment
Load Rating
 Axial Static
 Load Rating
 Radial Static
 Load Rating

TPASB-NG-010-20-200 Single Row  120.0  280.0  60.0  14.2 Max.  368  92   N   N    N
TPASB-NG-010-20-224 Single Row  144.0  304.0  60.0         N  N    N
TPASB-NG-010-20-250 Single Row  170.0  330.0  60.0         N   N    N
TPASB-NG-010-20-280 Single Row  200.0  360.0  60.0  34 Max.  130  508   N  N    N
TPASB-NG-010-25-315 Single Row  222.0  408.0  70.0         N   N    N
TPASB-NG-010-25-355 Single Row  262.0  448.0  70.0         N  N    N
TPASB-NG-010-25-400 Single Row  307.0  493.0  70.0         N   N    N
TPASB-NG-010-25-450 Single Row  357.0  543.0  70.0         N  N    N

Note:  Static Moment Load Rating is based on several conditions being met. You must reference slew ring load curve to determine actual value for your application.

 Call us at 800-284-9784 to discuss this in more detail.

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The Precision Alliance | More than components... Solutions!The Precision Alliance | More than components... Solutions!