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Successful Application of the LAN Series Cam Roller Linear Guide Products

Story Behind the Product

The demand for economical non-telescopic linear guides is quite strong worldwide. Many companies focus on high volume OEM applications with lightweight stamped metal rail systems. We realized there was a gap in the market that was unfilled for a more durable, higher load capability product. Our roll formed steel LAN series is capable of fulfilling most of these gaps quite well. They are fully nitrided and post processed to impregnnate the surface with a rust inhibitor for corrosion resistance.

Example #1: Moving Camera Head

Customer needed a way to inspect and document product quality prior to it entering the packaging area. So they created a belt drive system to scan and position a camera for making images as product moved along a conveyor.

  • Product: LAN26 Rail with PAN26T Slider Assembly, Qty= 2 sets
  • Weight of Moving Head: 10 Kg (22 lbs)
  • Duty Cycle: Continuous, Required Life: 1,000,000 cycles
Example #2: Security Gate or Machine Guard

In this application a CNC machining operation required guarding to prevent a person from reaching into the milling chamber prior to the operation being finished. So a vertical sliding panel was installed by the maintenance group.

  • Product: LAN40 Rail with PAN40T Slider Assembly, Qty= 2 sets
  • Weight of Gate: 80 Kg (176 lbs)
  • Duty Cycle: Open every 5 minutes, Required Life: 400,000 cycles

The Precision Alliance | More than components... Solutions!The Precision Alliance | More than components... Solutions!