Curvilinear Product Applications

Space Constrained

Configure your own path with our Standard Components

New Product !   Starting Track Segments:

  • 90 degree Turn Sections  - radius can start at 150mm (about 6 inches)
  • 180 degree Turn Sections  - radius can start at 100mm (about 4 inches)
  • Straight Sections  - up to 1220mm (48 inches)

With a combination of these curved rail components you can make the motion path of your choice.  Standard three cam roller type carriages or moving block assemblies are easily mounted to the rail structure.

Standard straight track component

Blocks Moving Along Curved Rail Track

270 degree custom system

Sometimes you need to move a payload in a very specific motion path that is not just a straight line.   It may be straight for a distance but then you need to make a turn.   Maybe you need to move along an oval path or a circle or some other path.   In the end you need to be arrive back at the starting position.

Our business model is focused on OEM applications.  We can design, prototype, and manufacture.  Below are a select few systems made at our Fort Mill, SC facility.

System used inside a Lab Automation Machine to transport test tubes between stations.

Straights with turn-arounds system
Turn-around with moving blocks

Custom OEM Lab Automation Application

Approximate Dimensions:

  • Foot Print:  1219mm x 152mm  (48" x 6")
  • Tight Turn Radius:  76mm  (3 inches)
  • Height from bottom of rail to top of Block:  38mm  (1.5 inches)

Each moving block (aka carriage) can support up to 4.4 N ( about 1.0 lb) payload.  Blocks can move independently or be connected in series via drive belt.

Designed for long life for continuous (24/7) usage.

Moveable Blocks on closed Rail Track

Back and Forth Motion

Many systems don't close the loop like race cars going around a track.  Some only move a short distance and then return to the starting point.  Very smooth almost frictionless motion is important.  We are experts at this.

Light Duty Overhead Mount Elevator Door Guide System

Ultra Low profile Door Guides

Worlds Smallest Slider Assemblies!

Four slider assemblies per rail allow smooth almost frictionless door movement.

Ultra Low Profile Linear Guide System

Rail Dimensions:

  • Foot Print:  711mm x 762mm  (28" x 30")
  • Rail Material Thickness:  1.5mm  (0.059")
  • Rail Width: 19.25mm  (0.76")

Three Bearing Slider Assembly:

  • Height = 9 mm (0.35 inches)
  • Width = 57.5 mm (2.25 inches)

Capable of moving up to 11 Newtons (2.5 lb) payload per slider assembly

These systems are very economical.  Track motion path is easy to manufacture and can constructed in a varity of ways.

Ultra Low profile Door Guides
Ultra Low profile Door Guides
Ultra Low profile Door Guides

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